Vietcong Weird Stuff Happening!

Recently I aquired Vietcong from a friend this is a full version game that he had tried to backup.

I got the game went to install it and noticed that the cd picture on my computer appeared as the Nero Burning Rom logo.

I tried to install the game and would you belive it I got a installation for Adobe Photoshop six. Now this is a full version game and his has installed perfectly I am reallt quite stumped by all this and not sure what the hell is going on is this some kind of copy protetion from thr creators or is something playing havoc with my system



STeve C


What software did he burn it with? Nero I presume. Now Nero has a rat’s chance at making a good copy of any copy protected game these days. My advice would be to get CloneCD, along with twinpeaks, follow this tutorial and use an ATIP hider while playing from a burner(can be found as CloneCD’s HideCDR or Alcohol’s Ignore Media Type).

Good Luck!

Ever thought of actually buying the game instead of using a copy of your mates game? An original is guaranteed to work, and if it doesnt you can take it back for a refund :slight_smile:

You need to update the version you have.

If you do not own the original you should not have any backups of the game at all.
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