Vietcong Backup

If someone could please write STEP by STEP how to make a backup of this game would be much appreciated.

Also include which software is needed…

Hi TheSwede

I made a fairly good copy of this the other day using CloneCD and CloxxyXXL. (Sorry that should be ClonyXXL)

I just printed out the instructions for both proggies and then followed those (make sure the RMPS is enabled).

It was the first copy I had ever made and I am having probs with doing it again but without RMPS so maybe I’m not the one you should be listening to. :slight_smile:

There is enough stuff on this site though for you to achieve your backup fairly easy though.

Good Luck!!

Thanks for that…

Where can i find CloxxyXXL? (never heard of it)

clony xxl is only a protection scanner it has no real use. Try using blindwrite and the bwa builder, you can learn more about using them in the blindwrite forum.

I found Clony via Google but there are links in these pages here.

Imho CloneCD is at the moment as a noob a very easy proggie to use Blindwrite is a bit more complex.

Before you do anything read as much as you can on the subject of your choice, it will save on CD-Rs in the long run.

Whatever prog you use print out the help manual first and go through it step by step.

Good Luck