Vidus announces version of new DVD copy/ripper/creator/convertor software

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We’ve received a press release from a new company called Vidus which announces the release of version of its multimedia software that can be used for DVD ripping, DVD creation, DVD copying and DVD conversion. Vidus is available for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, 8 and 10. readers can get 50% off with a special coupon.

Thank you for the coverage!
Welcome to Vidus website:

If I may ask a question? I would like to know if this does Bluray? From what I have read I cannot find it anywhere. Thank you and welcome to the forum.

Hi Alan thank you.
Vidus software focuses on DVD and video solutions, also offering free online youtube to mp3 tool, without Bluray related.

Oh Joy another dvdfab product being sold under a different name.:rolleyes:

So are they based in Canada or China? Only problem I got here - I already invested in another and have all the software to do dvd and bd to go. But seeing another brings more players in.

Question? Do a lot of people still make copies of dvd’s now? It has been awhile since I have made dvd’s copies. I would be surprise if they did.

Most likely China.

In Canada they would be shut down overnight by the copyright cartel.

I don’t burn dvdr discs anymore, especially after my old Taiyo-Yuden cake was all used up.

Now I only bother ripping dvds to the computer’s hard drive, and watch the show/movie on the computer. For this purpose, the old dvddecrypter is adequate for more than 99% of the dvds I have.

The few discs which still cause dvddecrypter to immediately choke, are ones which have basketcase drm which deliberately mangled/falsified the iso9660 and/or udf102 filesystem entires. For example, such as some New Line released movie dvds released in late 2007 like “Blade: House of Chthon”, Rush Hour 3, Hairspray, etc …

Otherwise most other dvd discs which had various forms of deliberate basketcase drm (ie. Disney, Paramount, Lionsgate, Sony, etc …), can be ripped using dvddecrypter + PSL files and occasionally the final version of ripit4me. (The final version of ripit4me can disable the *.ifo parsing function in dvddecrypter).

If you know what you’re doing minimally, writing your own dvd ripper which removes the css encryption isn’t too difficult either.