Vidomi stops encoding the DivX at 98% - Help!

Ok I’m new to this and I’ve tried this process 4 times now and still no luck. Let me explain…

Firstly I wanted to make a backup of my Mission Impossible 2 Movie to DivX and put it on cd. I read through the Faq (on this site) on how to do this and completed every detail.

I ripped the movie using SmartRipper, everything ok so far.

I then input all the settings into Vidomi as explained in the Faq (VOB -> DivX). I want it to make a DivX to fit on one 700mb cd. (I’m using DivX Pro 5.03).

I click process and then go to sleep. Then I find in the morning that Vidomi stopped pretty soon after because Windows 2000 ran out of Virtual Memory. Darn. So I fix that up for the next night and increase Windows Virtual Memory to the max of 4095mb. I start encoding to divX again and I get the message Windows is increasing my virtual memory. Ok sweet and I go back to bed.

Then I get up the morning and find that Vidomi has stopped at 98% on the final pass and there is a box on the screen saying windows had run out of Memory/RAM. What the…! I take this in stride and blame it on windows poor memory management. There is a 160mb Avi file residue on the hard drive, that can’t be played.

Next night, I set up FreeMem Pro and tell it to make memory freeups regularly, and have it force free-ups as well just in case. I also disable Nortons antivirus and other stuff that doesn’t need to be running. I set up Vidomi again, click start, and go to sleep again :). I wake up in the morning and find that the same memory error message up again, and vidomi stopped at 98% done again!!

I have no idea whats going on or why its stopping.

Here are my computer specs. Toshiba Laptop, 1.5Ghz Celeron, 256mb ram, 20gb hdd, Windows 2000 Pro.

The computer is set up with 2 partions each of roughly 10Gb each. I boot into the D partition as it has Windows on it. The D partition has 4400mb free on it. I have the VOB files on the C partition and that has about 2300mb free on it.

I am saving the avi file to the C partition because I figure the Windows(D) needs all the space for the swap file? There should be sufficient space left over on the C partition if I’m only making a 700mb Avi file?

So whats going on?? Why does Vidomi stop encoding? Any other tips?

Any help much appreciated,

You are limited with HD space, what I would do is setup Windows swap file onto C: drive and encode to the D:.

The part AVI on your HD from the first pass is always unplayable, as its not really an encoded AVI yet, that happens in 2nd pass.

I might try repartitioning the hard drive a little to make the D drive a bit bigger.

Its a weird computer, Windows 2000 is installed on both partitions. One for work, and the other for home. Windows might not like it if it had two swap files on the one partition??

Thanks for the tip on the partially encoded avi.

I repartitioned to make the D drive bigger. That now has 5gig free.

I tried encoding with vidomi again, and it still stops. What is going on???

Is there another programme I can try similiar to vidomi?

Other suggestions??

Hmmm… not good. The only other program I would recommend to convert to DivX is Gordian Knot. You can download the package required from their homesite

Could it be that the DivX Pro is not registered properly? I’m sure I entered in everything properly and gone through the process a few times. How can I tell if DivX is registered or not?

What would happen if I was to encode 2 of the vob files into divX…then separately encode the remaining 3 Vob files into another divx file.

Then using virtualDub…join them together. Would that work???

What would be the exact settings I would use for this?? I only want the avi on one cd really.

I have encoded 2 VOB files into one divX avi file and 3 VOB files into the other avi file. Finally I have some divx!

Trouble is the quality aint very good at all. The first avi file is all blocky, the second one is somehow better but I don’t know how.

The file sizes are 105mb for a divx file (made from 2vobs) and 201mb for the second avi file (3vobs).

Whats going on here? I had the divx set to the highest quality profile. But if I go into the divX decoder config, the quality is set to v.low. If I put the quality right up and click apply, as soon as I quit out it resets back to low.


The AVI’s your produced is poor quality as they are so darn small in size. Check your settings, in particular Vidomi Output Size Settings. This should be on 699.