Vidomi + 2 Pass?


i have been using Vidomi for along time and i am very satisfied with the quality.

i always use Normal 1 Pass + DivX 5.03 and use the adv. bitrate calc.

but now i hear some people say that the 2 Pass is better in quality but it takes more time…

so i tried to use :

Normal 2 pass
DivX Netwrok 2 pass
Vidomi VBR 2 pass

but the problem is the encoding start but without creating the AVI file !!!

al the 2 pass doesn’t creat the video file !!!

what is the problem ??

which one should i use :

Normal 2 pass
DivX Netwrok 2 pass
Vidomi VBR 2 pass



when i use bitrate calc it doesn’t give me the perfect rate for widescreen movie and i have to increase the rate to make it fit in 2 CD. !!!

is there a widescreen bitrate calc ??


it doesn’t make the avi after the first pass, it makes a log file. It sounds like to me, like you are not waiting for it to finish to see the avi file. I would use divx networks 2-pass, you have to configure each pass separtly. If you still have problems with it, try using gordian knot, it automatically calculates the bitrate for you depending on the file size you enter, and its 99% of the time right on the money.

thank you

ok i don’t have experience in the 2 Pass , so what do you mean by configure each pass separtly ??

do you mean setting up the bitrate ??

if that is , the bitrate calc give me for ex. 2000 so what should i set the first and the second pass ??

can anyone explain what is the difference between 1 pass and 2 pass ?? just give me the idea.

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Haven’t used vidomi in a while but if i remember correctly, when you are in video options and you can select the codec, select two pass divx networks, now there should be two buttons to configure. One for first pass, the other for the second pass. Be sure to enter the same bitrate for both passes. Now when you go to configure the first pass, set it under the type as two pass, first pass. Enter the bitrae and any other options you want.

Now for the second box (second pass) enter the same bitratw, but for the type click on two pass, second pass. Please note, the type should be in a drop down box.

Basically two-pass encoding, creates a log file for the first pass. It analyzes the video, the second pass is when it actually makes the avi file and it uses info from the log file to increase the quality and makes a better encode job.

All that one pass does it encode the video directly, it doesn’t analyze it first, thus it is fasterm but in my opinion and many others’ opinions, the increase in encoding time is well worth it.

Hope that helps you out.

thank you very much

i will try it …

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