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Video Vault is an all in one program allowing you to convert DVD’s, VCD’s, Tapes and downloaded movies to virtually any deice that will allow playback. The simplicity of the program is that you don’t need to know anything about bitrates, codec’s frame rates or anything else connected with normal conversion programs. Here all you need to do is to simply select a device form the list and Video Vault will do the rest. That is the theory of the program at least. Let’s see how it performs.

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I think the DVDXSoftware homepage link is incorrect:)


It is linked to the software pages of CD Freaks where you can find more information. You can click on the publisher, name or buy button there to get more information and go to the DVDXSoftware homepage!


It says it supports Divx but it didnt accept the divx i tried. It also does not support Xvids. Unless the retail version is different I wouldn’t buy this yet if your main purpose it to convert either of these formats.


Sad to say, this program has more negatives than simply black writing on a grey background. Did the software maker offer you something to write up this review?


Thirty disc cakebox of thick discs, metal-alloy recording layer, maximal 4x coaster-free on LaCie LightScribe Samsung-Toshiba for Macs. Never a bad burn, so no duplicates needed for backups. Advertises 9.7 Mbps compressed optical burns on 30 disc cakebox, but I calculate 5.3 Mbps for CAV uncompressed data at 4x. Slow for automatic backups on LAN (USB on Airport Extreme), where 50 Mbps air, 100 Mbps cable are standard. I turn off Energy Saver & use ice pack to cool PowerBook.


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