VideoStudio 11 Cd wont play

I created a 5 min clip using Ulead VideoStudio 11 Plus of a song with accompanying slides. Then I made a DVD complete with menus. This seems to work okay in DVD players and in PC based DVD drives. I made another version as an SVCD disk. This plays on some PCs but mostly not. And it won’t play in a car CD - which is what some people apparently want - to be able to listen to the song, not just watch the images.
So, I created a VCD disk without a menu to see if that would work - this will only play if you open up Windows Media Player first and tell it to play the unknown disk. (Although I have named the disk). It will not cause the list of “what do you want to do” which you normally get when you put a CD into the drive - it opens straight up with a Windows Explorer page listing the folders inside the CD.
Do you know how I can get the CD to open/run in Windows Explorer for dummies, and what can I do to get it to play in a car CD player.