Videos are dark

Well, I redownloaded winamp after I formatted my HD. It kept giving me some directsound error so I downloaded directx but it still said i didnt have it work. So I redownloaded VLC Player, and it played it, but it was really dark. and I dont know why. Help?

Well, I found why the sound wasnt working, had to reinstall my sound driver so now winamp works, but all the videos are still dark and reddish.

BTW, here is the dxdiag dump:

Cmon… I posted this a day ago already and I need to use it for a school project…

. I’m no expert at this stuff (that’s why I’m in the Newbie forum), but I’d take a look at codec and player settings. I’m guessing that at least one of them has the bright (or something similar) turned down.
. If that’s not the problem, check the display, card, and driver settings. I doubt if any of these are the problem or everything would be dark.

Hey try adjusting your video card to it’s default settings, that happens to my sys,on occation,while installing new programs or gaming, worked for me!!!

BTW, I’m not a noob, just to this forum!!!