VideoReDo problem...clips cut off at 10 minutes

Hi guys,

I was trying to use VideoReDo to combine some VOB files from some a DVD created with a standalone DVD recorder. I followed the help instructions ( which basically said to use open all the needed VOB files and “combine.” That worked fine. I made a few small edits (cut off the dead space in the beginning and the end of the clip) and tried to save as a MPEG2 for later authoring.

As the file is saving a little box pops up and tells you how long it should take. it always seems like it ends early. When I check my video it cuts off at 9:59. This happened to me on two different occasions with two different videos.

I forgot to mention that I am using the Trial version of VideoReDo (I’m a newb). The first time the trial was active, the second time the trial was inactive.

Is the ten minute cutoff a result of the trial version. I am willing to buy the software but I want to make sure that this is the reason for my issues first!