Videoplus wonky - drm-e55


I’m in the Uk and have a problem with VideoPlus on my DRM-E55. Terrestrial channels BBC1, BBC2, ITV & Channel 5 are all fine. However, using a Channel 4 Videoplus code always gives the channel as AV1 - since I often record stuff for my wife from C4 I am a frequent doghouse resident when I forget to change AV1 to C4.

For example, VideoPlus code 7878 should give a program from 20:00 - 20:30 on C4 (code verified ok on my VCR) but gives 20:00-20:30 on AV1 on the dvd recorder.

My DRM-E55 seems to have the latest firmware (“unsupported” when using the firmware image from the Panasonic support site).

Has anyone any clues? :confused: