VideoLAN to drop support of older operating systems with VLC 4.0


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Popular media player VLC will drop support of several older operating systems after it’s upcoming 4.0 release. From that release, VLC will no longer work on Windows XP and Vista and several older iOS and Android versions. Of course, there will also be new features and improvements introduced in VLC 4.0.


Yikes! It’s not terribly uncommon for GNU/Linux users to have video issues, which can prevent OpenGL applications from working. (I just found a workaround for an issue with hardware-accelerated video last night.) With VLC, one can typically just avoid the issue by using something other than OpenGL, such as vdpau, vaapi, or the classic xv. Although I am glad that OpenGL is now supported as an option, I’m not sure I like being forced to use it, given how stupid graphics drivers can be. (FWIW, driver issues suck on Windows, too.)

If there are any GNU/Linux users out there, consider either mplayer or mpv (both are commandline-based, but have plenty of unofficial GUIs, such as the super-undeniably-awesome smplayer).