VideoLAN patches vulnerability related to playing Adobe Flash (.SWF) files

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The developers of the popular open source VLC player warn for a vulnerability in their software that makes it possible for an attacker to execute malicious code with user account privileges. To become a victim of such an attack, a malicious Adobe Flash file has to be opened with VLC.

Looks like update time is coming…

I always found Pot Player x64 to be far better than VLC for just about any video format the computer plays… ; it’s just snappier in overall feel etc.

I didn’t know VLC even could open SWF files. Who knew?

Same here… who knew…

I experimented with using VLC to open one SWF file (a video game), and VLC didn’t show anything. It did, however, play some audio. I’ve known for some time that audio compression formats like MP3 could be embedded directly in a *.SWF file, though. It’s possible that there may be other SWF files with other audio/video compression formats as well. I guess VLC just extracts these streams and attempts to play them without really supporting all of what Flash Player can do. Or something.

Good riddance to flashcrap !!!

With the introduction of the Firefox57, I didn’t bother installing flash and deleted all previous versions. For over the past 7+ months or so, the computer illiterates I live with are accustomed to a flash-free web. So far they haven’t complained about their really old silly dog/cat video web pages being nonfunctional.

At this point, I’m considering moving back to Linux or one of the *BSDs since most of the relavant Firefox plugins/addons I use are open source.

Back in the day circa early-2000s, there were too many complaints from the computer illiterates I live with about various plugins being non-functional on linux. At the time, it was easier to just use WindowsXP with all those dumb video plugins, instead of Linux or FreeBSD. Less mindless silly complaints from the computer illiterates about their dumb cat/dog videos not playing, etc … and less headaches for me.

Now that the computer illiterates I live with are accustomed to a flash-free web on Firefox57+ with no major complaints, shifting things over to Linux or OpenBSD hopefully wouldn’t be as problematic today.