VideoLAN may be affected by new French/European legislation

I just posted the article VideoLAN may be affected by new French/European legislation.

RTV71 used our news submit to tell us “Haven’t we seen these tatics before?” Here we
have a notice posted at the VideoLAN website, that indicates they are about to be negatively
affected by…

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Its funny how democracy works. We vote for a person who we think represents our views. That person goes and does something which we don’t want. We can’t do anything about it. Big business controls democracy. Simple as that.

“Big business controls democracy. Simple as that.” And then we go ahead and do it anyway:B

Whaddya mean we can’t do anything about it? Assasination has long been a valid tool of statecraft! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink:

Jesus, these jerks should be kicked to hell. VLC has to stay alive!

There’s always Media Player Classic.

… which is affected by these laws as well.

Media Player Classic itself is not able to playback DVDs without a Codec installed… if you have a codec installed you also have the right to playback DVDs (if it got installed by a DVD-Player application) and therefore it is not affected…

Shouldn’t they have included that EU-Law for a long time now? I think in Austria - I looked that up - it is in the law (because of EU Directive) since 2003…

Ah btw… BUT BlindWrite would be in trouble… they are from France… and that program is definitally against the law then…