Videoker Player, Platinum model SD6000 Pro turns off while running!

We have problem with this videoke(MIDI)/dvd player. The brand is Platinum and unfortunately not in your list… its model is SD6000 Pro. I’ve been searching the net to see the manufacturer so we can download its user manual to see how can it be troubled shoot. Unfortunately there’s no any info about this player. Anyway this player is bought already used, so there’s no any documentation that could help. Well, the unit turns off automatically while running. Its been with us for several months and it just happened lately. Pls. is there any who could provide detail about this product. Your help will be higly appreciated. Thanks.

:clap: Hello people! Good to know that there is electronic shop that cater service for this Viodeoke Player. As per his finding it there is problem with the elec. board and power supply board. A solution is to replace them. Unfortunately replacing them would cost the same as brand new. We thought of replacing it instead, would you know a good model of videoke player (able to play MIDI) from platinum also? Appreciate your suggestions. Thanks.:smiley: