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an April Fools ?

April, 2005
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Judging by the TOS, I’m thinking it is a joke :wink:


Proceed-button might be worth a try :stuck_out_tongue:


Judging by the TOS, I’m thinking it is a joke

very indeed…i did a fake name, and stuff…and guess what april fool’s…lol… :bigsmile:


Click on “I do not agree to these terms” then click on “Proceed” and you’ll get this:

April Fool! :slight_smile:

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Perhaps this is a way they’re using April Fools caper to remind people that they might want to consider making a donation sometime in their lifetime.


Hahahah thats one of the best i’ve seen :slight_smile:


Go ahead look for yourself. I don’t believe it.


I would have still paid $20 a year for VideoHelp! :stuck_out_tongue:




that was a shock… But 20 bucks does sound reasonable…