Videocassette restoration software



Folks: I have a home video VCR videocassette whose quality is steadily getting worse. I was told there is software out there that can fix this. Could someone tell me what hardware and software I need to restore this tape? Thanks a lot


There are many ways to save your video cassette. There are VHS to DVD standalone players that cost around $250.00 that will do it with the push of a few buttons. There are video capture devices, capture cards, some video cards have capture abilities, and I’m sure there are some methods I’ve missed. Best thing to do is start reading at . There are numerous forums and tutorials, to accomplish exactly what you are asking. With the more expensive hardware/software solutions, you can actually improve quality. At the very least, with the inexpensive solutions, you can improve slightly on the quality.


Harley2ride: Thanks a lot for your help. Will certainly follow up on the site you pointed me to. Thanks again!!!


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