VideoCard differences...Clock Speed or Extra Pipelines?

I came across this article and now am completely confused about what VideoCard is best to buy in the future.I’ve had my Radeon 8500 for a while and was thought in the future…why don’t I research and see what would be best for a next VideoCard.I don’t know what’s important…clockspeed or more pipelines or whatever else.I have nothing against GeForce…it was just at the time that the Radeon 8500 was the card to get.What matters most in these cards…I game some…not a lot but are any of these extra features worth getting and what purpose do they serve.I wouldn’t mention this post of I were talking about a Radeon All-In-Wonder card but since I’m not…these features in all these cards are soooo confusing.Can someone shed some light on the subject or just flat give me an opinion on either of these newer cards…(radeon X850/GeForce 7800)

For now it seems that NVidia is wearing in gamers land. That goes for both the midsegment and highend segment. So I think it might be a good idea go for a NVidia card, as you do game some. The GeForce 7800 (GTX) cards are absolute winners. If you want to spend less money, you might want to look into a cheaper 7800 or even a 6xxx-series card. The 6600 cards are still very nice (especially the GT ones) and they come for little money nowadays. And there’s the new card, the new 6800GS series. From what I’ve read, it delivers top-notch performance considering its price. I think that this card is ideal for the occasional gamer.
If you’re a die hard, you should get at least one 7800GTX 512MB… but those cards are pretty expensive :wink:

I would recommend a 7800GTX if you mean business. The 512Mb version is way overpriced and unless youre running an Overclocked FX 55/57 CPU will be bottlenecked. To save some cash a 6800 Ultra will do you well. Clock speeds are irrelevant to overall performance - the base 7800GTX is @ 430/1200. Pipes on the other hand can make all the difference of which the 7800GTX has 24. Its nice to be pulling well over 60 Frames during an intense firefight in FEAR at 1280x1024 with max effects and highest detail. (forget AA and AF their a load of resource hogging crap)
Go with a 7800GTX 256Mb over any ATI. (I cant speak for the X1800XT/XL though) The Nvidias have the ultimate Bang for Buck at present.

For me its quality really.I just wanna good video card but not an over the top one that will be $150 less in 3 or months.I like my radeon but I guess all of these cards in general do the same thing…I don’t do alot to warrant spending a ton of $$$ but I would like one that would suit me for a few years…maybe $200 worth…:)…My radeon 8500 has lasted three years and has only had problems w/ Doom 3 and that’s about it…(it was strainin’ to play that one).Thanx for the input guys…much appreciated…:slight_smile:

$200 - 6600GT will serve you well.

what brand would you recommend?.there are so many companies soupin’ up these vid cards I don’t know what is better than another…pny…verto…xfx…etc…or whatever else

Are you into overclocking?

I’m using the Geforce 6800 (non gt), with a dell 21" digital lcd, and doom3 is smooth as silk even at the highest settings.

no…wouldn’t know the first step into doin’ somethin like that…would be nice if one came OC’d though…I’m guessing the brand is kinda important cause I’ve seen quite a few reviews where some were equal in power but features and performance varied.

All Nvidia card brands Hardware (pcb layout) are built to the exact same spec. The biggest differences in brand are: Brand of RAM, quality of cooling and manufacturer clock settings. eg My Sparkle 7800GTX is factory set at 430/1200. The BFG Version ($200 more) is 460/1300. (which my card is at anyways) The Leadtek Extreme ($250 More) is 490/1250.
To sum up: Go with the cheapest.

That’s some good advice… just make sure the cooling fits you (some cards makes less noise than others do; some prefer the more silent cards).

Oh Yea! the Sparkle has variable fan speeds that automatically wind up under load - Running 05 it sounds like a jet engine in my nerd room, hence headphones vs speakers.:slight_smile: