Video Without Boundaries Linux based portable MPEG4 player

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Video Without Boundaries Announces Development
of MediaREADY Flyboy™ Personal Media Player
Product to Make Debut at 2005 International Consumer Electronics…

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Now here is a product I will buy. It seems, though to be missing a ccd lens; even as simple as a cel fone has for taking video…It would be great to have a stereo mic & line input as well as a usb/spdif input with internal directX support for some recording compression & eq - this would make for a nice portable live concert type recorder along with the video. Perhaps it can come with glasses that have a lens on it. I will just ‘film my life’ as i live it…

While you’re at it, check out their set-top box. I suspect it’s ENVY24-based for sound (at least I hope it is - god knows I wouldn’t touch it if it had Creative Labs garbage in there). Also unknown is what DACs they have in it - hopefully they’re not typical motherboard garbage.

anyone else notice it looks to only accept real video files? they are mpeg4 but it is real media files so I hope this can be fixed easily

Well, as far as I understood it says it supports mpeg4 as well as real video. So no problem here. Anyway, if they are asking $349 for a 40Gb, then that’s an excellent price (for this type of device). Everyone else has 20Gb for $500, this little device may finally bring the prices down. Although IMO it’s still not worth the price, an entry-level pentium-M laptop costs only 3 times more, a good one only four times more… shrug