Video with multiple audio problem

Someone pointed out on my uploaded torrent that one of the videos was in japanese. I went and looked at it in nero recode and found that for some reason its either not loading or can’t find the english audio track. I saw somewhere that it was channel 6, and nero only went to 5-1, but when playing it in showtime it only had three audio channels and recode displayed three audio channels, so now I’m completely confused.

I’ve tried all three channels, all still play as japanese in recode, but all channels play correctly in showtime. {I was thinking maybe there was a problem with the audio files or something…}

I’m pretty new to this converting stuff, and am only having a problem with this one video, all the other 29 video’s converted perfectly, I don’t see what the problem is.

I’ve tried other software like xilisoft but it ruined the video, alltoavi for some reason wouldn’t convert the files either. They are all VOB format by the way.


Also I’m using nero 7 ultra edition. It says nero recode is, if that helps any.