Video Watermark Factory increases the size of avi file


I have an avi file of about 600MB. I want to add a watermark over it and for that I am using Video Watermark Factory. But after the conversion the size of the file swells up to 5GB. Though there is no change in quality as such. Is this normal or am I missing something? Any help is much appreciated.

This is a shot in the dark since I’ve never tried this program, but does it not have output options?

It gives option of encoing as well as the format. I have tried all of these still with no luck. Is there any other program which I can use to watermark my copyrighted video with? Please see the attachments to get a better idea.

Another Attachment

The first shot shows you’ve chosen ‘Full Uncompressed’. That’s why it’s so big. You need to pick an output codec to get a smaller size. You can use Gspot to find out what the source codec and settings are, the set the output one to match it.