Video/TV card problem

Bought a TV Tuner/Video capture card (two in fact).

My cable service is Time Warner Digital. When I connect the cards, I am unable to pull in channels 2-6. 7 picks up and seems to be ok. BUT…if I let the card scan, all of the channels become resequenced from their original order, i.e. what was 10 may become 18, etc.

Here’s what I’m confronted with:

Channel 3 should be 61.25 megs. If I manually enter the frequency, no luck. If I let the tuner scan, it picks ups at channel 7, nothing lower. If I connect the cable through a vcr and run a line input to the card, it works fine. But I’m trying to eliminate hardware, not add it!

Any starting points??


You could start with brand and model and what application you use.

Sorry, you’re right…

It’s a Sabrent PCI card, model 7130 w/FM.

Think it’s based on a Philips chip.