I have a DVD disk that I would like to copy onto another DVD disk. The following files are on the original and when I click copy and paste into my DVD burner it coppies all the files over, however, it will not auto play, nor does it have the play option when I right click on it after burning it to the new disk. Any help would be great. VIDEO_TS.bup,, VIDEO_TS, VTS_01_0.BUP, VIDEO_TS_01_0.INFO, VTS_01_1, and VTS_01_2.
I listed the files as they are listed on the disk.

If your original dvd is a commercially made dvd movie, you’ll need to decrypt it. Most commercial movies have copy protection on them. If this is the case, I suggest using DVDFab for this. You can get the trial version of the program here:

The trial will have the complete program, which allows you to compress very large movies so that they fit onto a single layer dvd. From the sounds of it, this particular movie will fit without compression. After the trial expires, there is a free section of DVDFab that will still work to decrypt and rip the movie to the hard drive for you. It is called DVDFab HD Decrypter. This section will lag behind the commercial version by a month or two on decryption abilities, but otherwise will work for most dvd movies.

Now, if you are starting with an unencrypted dvd-video, like a home movie, you don’t need a decryption program at all. I suggest using a free burning program called ImgBurn.
In this case you want to make an ISO file from the original dvd disk…this will give you an exact duplicate of the original, but contained in one file. When you start ImgBurn, click on [I]Make image file from disc[/I]. Here is the guide for making the ISO file:

Once you have made the ISO file, you now use ImgBurn to burn the ISO to a blank dvd. Here is the guide for burning the ISO file: