Ok, I have searched high and low on how to burn .VOB files to a DVD so that it will play in a stand alone DVD player. Now I know that my blank media works in my dvd player because i am able to burn a dvd using nero and it works just fine. The problem is that I am very impatient and by using WinAVI i am able to convert avi to vob in about 30 min, if i could only get those files correctly burnt, I could shave about 2 hours off of my complete burn process. Now I have opened up the files on a working dvd and this is what it looks like.


I went and checked the folder of the the most recent movie that I conveted and tried to burn that didn’t work and it has all of those files except for one. It doesnt have one of the VIDEO_TS and from my observation I have found that it has the two Info VIDEO_TS but the third says VIDEO_TS DVD Movie. I am assuming this file is the big reason it isnt working. Can anyone tell me how to create this file so that everything works. Thanks.


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Can you please list the files of your converted movie, this time exactly and including their three-letter extensions (.IFO, .BUP, .VOB).

Also they all need to be in a folder labelled ‘VIDEO_TS’. Are they inside such a folder?


Yeah they are in a VIDEO_TS. The files that i have in the movie that i want to burn are like this.


I know that i am missing the VIDEO_TS.VOB How do I create that?


Maybe I am totally wrong but I cant figure out why when I allow Nero to transcode and burn that everything works flawlessly but when I try to use the Nero Burning Rom just like I have been told, it doesnt work in my dvd player. I have not changed my dvd media at all through this whole process.


Ok I have come to the conclusion that the VIDEO_TS.VOB file is just the menus. I dont really need menus so what can I do to get these files burnt and playing in my standalone dvd player? I have already tried using Nero Burning Rom and just burnt them directly to a disk and it didnt work. Any suggestions or maybe an easier program to burn these files so they work?


Normally I’d say copy the VIDEO_TS.VOB from the original disc, and then use IFOedit to adjust the IFO file information.

Otherwise you’ll have to build an ISO file, rip the content again and reauthor the full DVD-Video fileset.