Video_ts to jpeg



Can a video_ts be changed to jpeg. The video_ts files are on a dvd disc and are still images. I think facebook doesn`t accept the video_ts.


You can do screen captures when you play back the dvd, but the quality will probably be nowhere near the original photos that were put into the dvd-video.

VLC and Media Player Classic Home Cinema can do screenshots.


Play with VLC take snapshot, with MediaPlayerClassic play and save image…
Edit: looks like Kerry’s got it covered , again!..:slight_smile:


[B]Thank You. Could you guide me through that?[/B] :smiley:


With VLC, open/play the DVD, pause at desired screenshot->Video tab->Snapshot…
With Mediaplayer Classic->save image as jpeg…
I actually prefer using DGIndex for better frame by frame navigating and taking snapshots…


[B]Thank you for that. They are saved to My Pictures. As a PNG image will they be ok to upload to Facebook and can i download VLC media player to another computer easily?? [/B] :slight_smile:


Not sure what Facebook requires(I don’t use it):o…But once saved you can open in paint or similar app and save as jpeg, bmp, etc…
Yes you can DL’d VLC on another PC easily…:wink:


[B]Thanks heaps you all have been a great help. Yes i think Facebook would require jpeg? Is VLC media player free? Happy 2010 and then on. Cheers[/B] :bigsmile:


Yes VLC is free…

Cheers back at ya!..:cool:


[B]Thanks Again. Is there a particular site to download VLC from?[/B] :smiley:


Is there a particular site to download VLC from?

Yes VLC is free…





[B] In Videolan should i use the “random mirror” or select “Australia” in the full mirrors list??[/B] :slight_smile:


Either, they try to spread the server load around.


[B]Downloaded VLC random mirror and the whole operation was successful.[/B] :cool:


Off subject a little, but you’ll also find that VLC will play pretty much anything you throw at it.


[B]Yes it`s pretty good.[/B] :cool: