Video_TS to BD

Ready to do my 1st BD. I have the " Pavarotti and Friends Collection " which is 30.74 G. I have several programs that shrink and burn oversize DVD’s but what to use for this conversion?

Hello skoville.

In your title it says Video_TS to BD. Are you saying that you have a dvd-video that is 30+ gb in size and you want to make it into a blu ray? DVD-Video is recognized by having vob, ifo and bup files within a Video_TS folder, usually accompanied by an empty Audio_TS folder. But commercial dvds rarely reach 8gb in size, much less 30gb.

Or are you simply trying to compress a blu ray movie down to size? This is possible with a free program called BD Rebuilder. You’ll find a guide to its use in my signature.

The actual burn to a blank blu ray should be done with ImgBurn.

Hi again Kerry56,

Yes, Video_TS file. I thought they were VOB inside but they’re vts_01_0, etc. No audio but a couple of BUP’s. It is boken in 4 parts. I would like to put it onto one BluRay.
Just glanced at your tut last week.

The structure is 1-Pavarotti& Friends etc./Video_TS.BUP (4) [I] and[/I]
Video_TS (16).

This is actually quite a lot of fun. (for me, anyway.LOL)

What you think?

Here is the standard structure of a dvd-video, though it can get a bit more involved:

Video_TS folder containing:

So you don’t have any IFO files? This means you only have the backup navigation files contained within the BUP files. Does this thing play in any software or in a standalone player? And please confirm, [B]you have over 30gb contained within ONE dvd-video?[/B]

Full resolution dvd video is already compliant to blu ray specifications. Which means you do not have to re-encode it to put it into blu ray format.

Assuming you have one gigantic dvd video, all you need to do to convert to blu ray format is to use a program called DVD2BDExpress. But it requires your dvd-video to have a valid IFO file as input.

If on the other hand, you are talking about 4 separate dvd videos that you want to combine into one blu ray, take a look at this guide for doing that:

Edit: In order to see all the file extensions, you may have to go to Control Panel–>Folder Options–>View and take the check mark out of the box next to [I]Hide Extensions for Known File Types[/I], then click OK.

you have over 30gb contained within ONE dvd-video?

No.This may have been a 4 DVD-DL set, I don't know.

I have a file (not a disc) and within that file are 4 other files. In folder “one” is a folder called Video_TS. Within that folder are files named “video_ts.bup” and “video_ts” that are sequentially numbered. If I open properties on them some are IFO and some VOB.
I should have been clearer.
It plays in VLC and PowerDEVD 12. Are we still having fun?

[QUOTE=skoville;2688008]This may have been a 4 DVD-DL set, I don’t know.

I have a[B] file [/B](not a disc) and [B]within that file are 4 other files[/B]. In [B]folder “one”[/B] is a folder called Video_TS.[/QUOTE]

There are too many imprecise terms being used, and you want to use VERY precise words or instructions will be hopelessly confusing.

“File” is very different from “folder”, yes? But you write "I have a file and within that file there are 4 other files.

Do you mean, “I have a [B]Folder[/B] that contains [B]4 sub-folders[/B] - Folder One, Folder Two, Folder Three and Folder Four”?

Or do you actually have a huge 30Gb File, perhaps with an .ISO suffix, and within that file, you see 4 other smaller ISO files?

Then, under each of there, are two sub-sub-folders called AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS?

(AUDIO_TS folders are normally empty, by the way.)

The VIDEO_TS folder (that Underscore is important, by the way) will be filled with 7-8Gb of files, as you wrote for a total aggregate of your described “30Gb”. Yes?

Probably, you want to know, “Can I combine these four folders’ worth of files into a single Playable[B] Folder [/B]on the BluRay, or do I need to leave them as the four separate ‘folders’?”

It would be possible to burn this straight to a double layer blu ray as data. This would be a backup copy and probably would not play correctly from a stand alone blu ray player. You would be able to play it from a computer blu ray drive using VLC.

If these are separate dvds put together into one folder or ISO file, then you could use the guide I wrote on combining dvds into one oversized dvd-video, then converting to blu ray format. It is not simple, but the process should work.

Another way to do it is to use MultiAVCHD to combine the dvds into one blu ray video. MultiAVCHD is cranky, crashes without explanation sometimes, but when it works, there is no other free tool like it.

The interesting part would be if you wanted to put them onto a single layer blu ray instead of a double layer blu ray. This can be done, but it makes a complicated process even longer. There are two possible paths to doing this. The first would be to compress each of the dvd-videos prior to making the blu ray. This is easily done in the free version of DVD Rebuilder. Then use either my guide for combining them, or use MultiAVCHD to make the blu ray. The second way would be to combine them into a 30+gb blu ray, then compress with BD Rebuilder. This second path would re-encode using a different video codec (H264) and would probably produce a better result overall.

Thanks, Kerry.
Got a lot to look into.

Had to take off for a while.

Wanted to thank you for the advice and tutoring. MultiAVCHD worked great, only glitch was when I tried loading images and it started loading all images on the drive. Really pretty funny, couldn’t stop it, had to task master it. Then used BD Rebuilder. Great results.
Hard to get used to going from 4.7G to 25G but get up in the morning and there it was.
Many thanks, this looks like fun.