VIDEO_TS to 1 File?

Hi guys my name is anthony this is my first post and just need a little advice please?

what i need to do if possible is convert VIDEO_TS to one single file but still be able to use the menu/chapters.

Any software out there that can do this.

One option would be to make an ISO file. That’s an image of a CD or DVD. Then you could mount that 1 file and read it like it is a DVD.

I’d like to know more about what you want to accomplish before getting into details of that.

Another option is to convert to a single .vob file, say with Fab Mobile or Fab file converter which are offered as free trials. I’m know there’s freeware out there as well…I just can’t think of any right now…I’m falling asleep at the keyboard here.

Like Pakratus said, we need more details. Are you trying to video stream?


DVD2One will do what you want as well.

Try the demos of the packages mentioned and see which you prefer.