Video_ts problem

I have an entire dvd video_ts folder for a dvd I downloaded. I burn it using nero burning rom 7 according to how the tutorial told me to. It plays just like a regular dvd movie when I put it back in my computer however when I put it in my Coby(new) DVD player it plays it in black and white and the picture is jumping and scrolling like a channel getting really bad reception. Even when I hit setup or stop the dvd screen is still scrolling and in black and white?? I’m really new and I use nero 7. If anyone has an already setup profile that I could use that would be great or just some helpful tips.


Probably a PAL movie in an NTSC player or vice versa.

see the TimC previous post telling you this is against forum rule. This is the same qustion with different tone.


Well spotted. I missed that.