Video_ts.ifo And Video_ts.bup In Same Ecc Block?

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A duplication house has informed me that my master DVD may not be readable by all players because the VIDEO_TS.IFO AND VIDEO_TS.BUP are in the same ECC block. I am hearing that this is caused by the burning app that I am using (burn at once). Can anyone tell me what app I should be using and an app that can tell me if my burnt DVD’s have this issue?



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You’ll probably get a quick answer to this at a more DVD focused forum like


There’s no reason why your disc would not play in a dvd player if it is still in
good shape. However, when the disc gets old/damaged it becomes annoying
to have a file and its backup in the same ECC block since they will share the
same error correction bytes, so that in the end these data could be
unreadable. Where the IFO and BUP are burned depends on your tool, for
instance Sonic Scenarist takes care of this. As for your current discs, you can
check with an ISO tool that the difference between the start sector addresses
of the IFO and BUP files is > 16.

I also would suggest to go to the burnatonce forum (
Burnatonce itself, new versions, doesn’t allow burning dvd’s. You need a plugin (prodvd).

the old burnatonce versions only allowed burning with good results on some burners.

Sorry to resurrect an obviously dead thread; but can someone point me to an ISO tool that will allow me to check the start sector addresses of IFO and BUP files?