Video-ts folder to ISO or IMG

I use TMPGEnc DVD Author to take my movie camera mpeg’s and make them to DVD. When I get done I have the video_ts and audio_ts folder and then burn it with nero.

I would also like for storage to keep these in a ISO or DVD Decypter IMG file if possible.

What program can I use to do this??


IMGTool is a great free app. I do the exact same thing.
There are several different versions. I still use v.89

Excellent, I will give it a try


im interested in this post as im trying to turn mpegs into dvds and dont know how!!!
what is vidoe_ts etc.? im also using nero to burn but when i browse my PC looking for the files they dont appear as they are mpeg not video_ts, help me obi wan kenobi…

VIDEO_TS folder is created by your DVD authoring software. Your MPEGS are most likely VCD/SVCD files. A fairly easy way to what you want is described here:

hi ever one i tried to convert my video ts files (sopranos) into an iso but when ever i click the image tab a alert pops up ans says “cant find video ts directory. this directory must exit below the given source directory!” what am i doing wrong? its probablly something very easy im looking over but if any one could help that would be grrrrrreat! thanks
im using imgtool classic 0.91.7

You need to have the all the DVD-Video files inside a folder which is exactly labelled “Video_TS”. That’s an ‘underbar’ character rather than a ‘dash’…

ImgBurn in Build Mode with Output > Image File will do this beautifully.