I captured video using WinFast TV 2000XP Expert in DVD format. I use dvdSanta to burn it to dvd , When I open dvdSanta and and click on add media then create dvd a box opens up saying A DVD Video already exists under C:\TempDVD\VIDEO_TS do you want to rplace it? My question is I have captured two videos how do you tell which Video_ts is which I seem I cannot open it to find out. Help Please I am new to this. Thanks

When you cature things it’s better to do each into a separate folder - then you won’t lose track of the titles.

You should be able to sort out the files for each DVD capture by looking at the dates of file creation.

I don’t know how dvd Santa works, but by the way you put your question it seems you may be giving the program the indication that the destination for your new “DVD” will be your drive C:.
Otherwise it wouldn’t make sense that you are asked if you want to “replace” an existing one.
Check your definitions (source and destination) for the new compilation.