Video_TS File?

I just used DVD Rebuilder Pro for the first time. How can I now burn my Video_TS file to DVD? I own Nero OEM suit 6 something something. Do I use Nero recode? I tried using Nero recode to burn my Video_TS file but I can’t configure it to burn to my external Drive which is the only drive I have with DVD burning. Don’t know why I can’t get it to shoot it at my external drive.

Another concern of mine is that when I did attempt using Nero recode the program said “encoding & burning”. Didn’t I already go through the whole encoding process with Rebuilder? Rebuilder does a good job (I’m told) encoding so I don’t want to mess up what has already been processed by it.

Help me burn my Video_TS file with Nero to complete the backup process.

If you already have vob files, simply open nero and create a new compilation. Select “DVD video”, and copy all ifo, vob and bup files in the “Video_TS” folder. Finally, burn the disc.

Okay, I used nero express. I just had to poke around a little because nero comes bundled with a bunch of optional stuff. I was trying to use recode before. Nero express, much better. Disc burned. :slight_smile:


i did all that… dvd wont play in my player… any ideas why not?

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What disc have you used? Most of times playback problems are due to a bad burned disc.

maxell dvd+r 4.7gb …16x using nero express to burn… i put the dvd in my player … it says DVD up top… then says incorrect disc. dunno :confused:

This is not a good disc. Try to burn that disc @12x or @8x, or buy a better quality disc like verbatim.

What burner do you have? Have you tried to update firmware?