Video TS File

:confused: I recently encounterd a problem while using ANY DVD with CLONE DVD. After copying the movie (any movie) and removing the disc from the drive and re-inserting the same movie or any other movie, my auto play feature opens up the main folder to show the AudioTS and Video TS folder. The movie will not open in auto play. To play a movie on my computer I now have to either remove the drive and reload it or just simply reboot the computer. Like I said it only started doing this a couple of weeks ago when I downloaded the latest version of Any DVD. I can use DVD SHRINK and NERO with no problems at all. Is there a fix for this problem or is it best to just dump ANY DVD altogether? :sad:

Have you “turned off” AnyDVD prior to playing your movie?

Yes I have turned off Any DVD and anything else I can think of. I used to be able to put a disc in my player and it would automatically default to Power DVD for viewing after a burning process. Now all I get is an open folder with a Audio_TS and Video_TS sub folder that I can’t play or even access. As stated before I have to reboot the system to get it to play. It used to work fine but not now. I even had a local technician try to find the problem and he insists it is a problem within the Any DVD and Clone DVD software. He says it’s non-compatible with my system. :disagree: I don’t believe this because as I said earlier, it worked before.