Video_ts file to on-set home dvd player?

I have a video_ts file on my hardrive that I want to burn to dvd disc, and play the disk on my on-set home video player.I’ ve tried using different programs…such as image burn,dvd shrink,ripitforme, but none have seem to have done the job. Either they require a dvd drive as their source file,instead of a hardrive file, and/or don t produce a format that would allow me to play the disk on my home player(I think ,but am not sure, that this is a mpeg2 format needed?)
Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance



You can use the “Re-Author” option in DVD Shrink for that job.


That should get the ball rollin’ :slight_smile:

Good luck.

Thank you for your input. I loaded my video_ts file into dvdshrink, and re-followed my previous steps.I can reauthor, but when I go to the BACKUP tab at the top, it seems to only allow me to create an iso file. This iso file will not play on my on –set home dvd player.
I do nt have Nero, which I don t know if I need. I have Roxio, which came with my new
Cd\dvd player on my computer . Does Nero provide a file format that allows me to burn
A dvd that will play on my on-set dvd player. I disabled Nero in “Edit-Preferences”,since it is not on my computer and I don t have a copy. I think I can get one if necessary, but would prefer an alternate remedy if possible.