Video_TS error message

Okay…so I am trying to burn a DVD with Nero 6.0 from files I have saved on my hard drive. I have Audi_TS and Video_TS files. I have reviewed several postings on this site regarding how to burn these files but I keep running into brick walls. Here’s what I’m doing: I am opening a new DVD compilation and then dragging the Video_TS files to the compilation window. When I do this I get an error message that says " The following files may not reside in the VIDEO_TS directory of a DVD-video compilation: “prf1CC.tmp, prf1CD.tmp, prf1D1.tmp, prf1D5.tmp, prf1d6.tmp, prf1d8.tmp, prf1df.tmp” Once you click okay it brings in all of the files except for these. The problem is that all of the data is contained within the files that are not allowed. If I drag in just the allowed files there is only like 58KB of data present. Has anyone experienced this same problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!Thanks soooo much

Those files look like temp files, but they definately don’t belong in a video_ts folder. The first thing you should do when you open Nero is choose a new DVD-Video Compilation, it should be under the tabs on the left. Then you need to figure out why you don’t have the usual files in your video_ts folder, they are typically .bup and .ifo and .vob files. The .vob files contain the audio and video, in 99% of dvd’s the audio_ts folder is empty, and is simply put there to comply with older dvd standards. Hope this helps.

How did you create the folders? You may also want to look at these guides: