VIDEO_TS Directory not found?

I have been using the paid version of FairUse to convert DVDs to ipod video. After many successful conversions, I recently received an error that said VIDEO_TS directory not found. Now I can’t even play a DVD let alone burn it. My laptop doesn’t recognize DVDs in my external player anymore.

Is there a way to repair my VIDEO_TS directory? Do I need to download a driver? I am certainly a newbie and would really appreciate any help. Thanks!


Try unplugging the external burner and then reboot and plug it back in and see if Windows shows the found new hardware message and installs it.

Every dvd has a folder called Video_TS. Many programs that play dvds, or work with them will look for this specific folder.

Your problem seems to be that your laptop isn’t connecting/communicating with your external dvd drive. Do you have another computer that you can connect the drive to and test it? Does the drive show up in My Computer (assuming you are using Windows XP)?