Video_TS directory not found?

I’m using CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD (latest versions of each) and trying to clone “Ride with the Devil.” I select the DVD drive/Video_TS directory and proceed to get a “directory not found message” in the preview screen. However, I can see all of the DVD information (chapters, languages, etc.). If I continue to try writing the disc, the program says the directory isn’t found with the following details: OSUtilIO [WString] TCE

Any help would be appreciated.

Disable Virus Scanners, Internet Security and Packet Writing Software.
As a workaround: Drag and drop the VIDEO_TS directory to harddisk. Use CloneDVD from there.

I hadn’t tried shutting down the AV software.

Drag and drop the VIDEO_TS directory from the DVD to the harddisk? I suppose I then point to it as the source instead of the DVD drive.