Video_ts convert to AVi



Trying to convert my video_ts, video_01_0, video_02_0 files etc from a DVD movie to an AVi file.

Tried several tools but it keeps giving me an error message when i try to convert the video_ts file and other files on the dvd to avi.

Is there a way to do it, as there are several files on the movie that need to be converted to one AVi file or do i need a certain software ???

Any help will be much appriciated



Take a look at this site: there are tons of guides and of tools to do these conversions


Have a look at this page:

I believe Auto GK is well-thought-of. I hardly ever make AVIs, but used FlaskMPEG in the past and thought it wasn’t bad. Good luck.


autogk is fine


Someone says that autogk contain a spyware. Is it true?



Whats the error message(s) you’re getting. Maybe that needs resolving first.