Video_TS and burning DVD

I think I goofed up. I used DVD decrypter to copy a movie to my hard drive and apparently used the wrong settings…I wanted it to be in ISO format but it isn’t. All I have is a large file called Video_TS. Is there a way to burn this onto a DVD now? I have Nero but can’t figure out how to do this.



If you need the ISO file why don’t you rip again the disc in ISO mode?

Anyway with nero simply select new compilation and then “video DVD”. Finally, put all files in VIDEO_TS folder from your HD in the VIDEO_TS folder of the compilation, and burn the disc

Thanks for the response. I no longer have the disc so I can’t rip it again. Anyway, I did what you suggested (my problem was that the Video TS files weren’t showing up in Nero - I had to switch it to “show all files”) and I’m getting a message saying that my DVD isn’t large enough to hold all the files. Are there any files that are “safe” to delete from my hard drive so it might fit onto the DVD?? The Video TS file contains a bunch of VOB, IFO and BUP files. Sorry if this is a dumb question - I’m VERY new at this!

Use DVD Shrink to compress the files to fit on a single layer DVD. Then use Nero to burn.

Something about this doesn’t sound right. Please be certain that what you are doing is legit.

If you still have your Video TS folder containing the VOB, IFO and BUP files.

Then this link will show you a step by step guide on what to do with these files when burning them with nero.

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It isn’t really clear what for a video it is, it could also be a backup from before or a home made video.