Video_TS and what?



OK, so I have Video_TS and Audio_TS folders, and in the Video_TS folder there are .vob files…how do I put these back onto a dvd?


Using nero 6>Nero Express>DVD Movie files, and then selecting the VIDEO_TS Folder will accomplish this for you. If it needs to be Transcoded to fit onto a 4.7 Single layer disc, there are tons of Applications capable, this one here: DVD Shrink is a freeware program, and utilises Nero to burn the transcoded data.


Is there a way I can avoid using Nero completely? I had a ton of trouble in the past with installing it, and I had to reformat one computer and almost reformat another to fix the problem.


you can use whatever burning software you like


Make sure your VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders are all caps. Name your disc with all caps and no spaces. Use ISO/UDF if possible or ISO/UDF/Joliet can be used.
Imgtool Classic can be used to image the files and burn with what ever you want. This can help avoid program compatablity problems.


I use Nero Burning Rom…


Use DVD Shrink to make a .iso file. Choose NO COMPRESSION … then after the .iso file had been made, burn with DVD Decryptor.


Cool, thanks for the reply. What if the .iso doesn’t fit on the dvd I’m using?


If the .iso is too big, then use AUTOMATIC in DVD Shrink to compress the show to the desired size. I said use NO COMPRESSION is only on the assumption that your AUDIO and VIDEO_TS files do not exceed your DVD+R’s capacity.