Video transfer from JVC Cam. to laptop



Hello everyone…

How can i transfer video from my
JVC model GR-DVL520U
to my laptop?
is it possible?
Thank you!


The JVC GR-DVL520U has firewire input/output (IEEE 1394). If your laptop has a firewire port, you can plug it straight in.

Not that many laptops have firewire however, so you might have to use an add in pcmcia or express card that allows firewire input. The type of card you use would depend on the make and model laptop that you own, so it would help to know that information.


hello Kerry and ty for your time…
i have a Dell inspiron1521 laptop w windows vista basic, AMD64 Athlonx2
Is the firewire input/output on the camera the S-Video or the DV?
Sorry to bother, electronics is definately not my thing, but my son 10yo wants me to help him make a zombie movie…lol

So…where do i get the type of card/cable needed?


The firewire connection on the JVC camera is the DV, not the S-video.

You are in luck with your laptop. It has a firewire connector on the right side, called the IEEE 1394 connection in the online manual which I found here:

That means you just need the cable to connect the two machines. I’d take them both down to Best Buy or Frys or whichever electronics store you prefer and find a firewire cable that will fit them. I would tell you to get one at for cheap, but firewire cables can have 9, 6 or 4 pins, and I’m not sure which you have. The accessories listed at the JVC site have both a 4 pin to 4 pin cable and a 4 pin to 6 pin cable. Just looking at the pictures, I’d say you need a 4 pin to 4 pin cable, but I’d hate to lead you astray trying to advise you from long distance.


You are right, i just made a trip to bestbuy and i need a 4 to 4 firewire cable.
The laptop operates on vista.
Now…i don’t understand, how come with the usb cable and even on the camera manual it says you can only transffer the still shots from the memory card? How will the cable make that difference?
Does that mean i only turn the camera on and tansfer the video from the tape into some sortware like Windows Movie Maker?
By the way… you rock!
Someone else also told me to transfer all the video into a external hard drive after i start working on it because it will take an absurd amount of memory…


Yes, you should be able to import the video into the computer using this cable. Windows Movie Maker/Windows Live Essentials…they should be able to find the camera once you hook it up and turn it on.

Whoever advised you probably meant storage space, not memory. And yes, video can take a lot of room. You can always transfer it once you are done with editing…put it on a usb stick or burn to a disk…whatever will suit you.


Thank you very much Kerry…
Going to get the cable right now, if it doesn’t work then you’ll hear from me soon. lol