Video to dvd please help

i would like to transfer my old videos to dvd but I dont know where to start .i dont even know how to connect my video to the pc can you help please.:confused:

It would be helpful to know a bit more on what you already have?

What kind of video card do you have, what kind of Windows version are you using, do you already have a special video capturing card/device (possibly it is inclluded in your video card)?

There are some older threads about this subject, one is fairly recent too. Perhaps those help you formulating your question more specifically?

Get a good ‘video in’ PCI card.


Upgrade your GFX card to one that has VIVO (video-in / video out).

Then you can import from a video signal, such as a VCR.
Once the video is on your PC you will have to use some type of authoring software to transform that content to DVD Video files.

After you have the DVD files you use a Burning App such as Nero, RecordNow etc to burn the files to DVD.

i have got xp home and a video out card is that any help

right you need a video capturing card or a tv card (some video card have them built in ) what this will do , is give you a video and audio input socket so that you can connet your video or a camcorder to it (cost around £40 to £80 in the uk ) it will prob come with software to record it to your computer hard drive

the next step is you then need to recode it to dvd format ,this takes a long time any ware between 4 and 20 hour depend on what computer you running and what software you using

when you got it in dvd format then you can use nero to copy it to a dvd disk

its prob be better just to buy it on dvd and make a back up copy of it that way

you could borrow it or rent it

might help if you could have said a little more about what pc you got ie what make of video card , make of mobo ,make and speed of you cpu