Video to DVD conversion

Hi. I download lots of video tutorials from the internet. I try not to watch them on the pc monitor too much, so I convert my videos to dvd as much as possible so I can watch on the TV. Already started using AVStoDVD. So far so good. Have 2 questions:-
a) How do I make my video continue with the next one instead of going back to the menu after each video is over?
b) How do I compress my videos to fit into one DVD? I tried to combine about 65 smaller tutorials into one dvd and the result was about 8 G dvd format, which could not be burnt onto my dvdr. DVD Flick does it automatically. I have stopped using DVD Flick because lately a lot of bugs have arisen, wasting lots of time and effort on it.

I’m not sure I have definitive answers for you, but I’ll try to help.

For your first question, there is a Play All button available on the main menu made by AVStoDVD. When you select this, do the videos play one after the other or not? In the AVStoDVD Menu Wizard, under the Template tab, there is a box that is checked by default which enables the Play All button, but there is also another box that can be selected to Force Play All Button Selection. Have you tried putting a check mark in this box? This should make them play sequentially.

Your second question is more confusing. How on earth are you getting 65 tutorials accepted into AVStoDVD? The maximum number of titles that is allowed on a menu screen in this program is 16. Are you somehow generating more than one menu screen?

Each individual video that is imported into AVStoDVD is made into a separate title within the DVD-video output. The only way I can see getting a large number videos into the program successfully is to merge them in another program prior to importing into AVStoDVD. The tool you would use to merge them would depend on what format they are in originally, and all of the ones you want to merge together would have to have the exact same video and audio specifications in order to put them together.

There are more advanced authoring tools for DVD-video, most of which can accept larger numbers of titles (99), or chapters. Most of these require demuxed audio and video streams as input, like GUIforDVDAuthor, or DVDLab Pro. And you have to convert to DVD compliant streams before importing anything.

An alternative program, though not as good in video quality output would be DVDStyler. Be careful of unwanted “add-ons” in the DVDStyler installer. DVDStyler can convert as well as author.

And for your output size problem…you should divide your videos by playing time. Don’t try to put more than 2 to 2 1/2 hours of video onto a single layer DVD. If you are burning to double layer DVD’s, you can stretch that to 3 1/2 hours or so. Different movies vary on compressibility, so there is no hard and fast rule, but these should work as general guidelines.

Looking at the Menu Editor in AVStoDVD, it does seem that there are controls to move to the next or previous page, so multiple pages within the menu definitely seems possible. I’ve just never imported more than six videos into the program at once.

Learning a bit here myself.

I don’t recommend DVDFlick but it was good for it’s time. I have made DVDs with multiple YouTube.flvs in it .
@ Kerry56 , You posted the standard 99 maximum but so you know & I have posted this before. DVDFlick will always get an error if you go over 48 . At least that was my experience.

I thought that as Kerry posted AVStoDVD could do multiple page menus. I hadn’t tried that but I thought it could.
There should be a “Play All” button. That should allow a complete play through.
Another option would be to not use a menu. Just fast forward to close to where you want with chapters.
As Kerry advised I would calculate the amount of the clips used by time.
Add them & keep it at about 2 hours.
To make sure AVStoDVD compresses the correct amount make sure it is set to DVD5 output.

Thanks, Kerry & Cholla. I think I need to explain further. My video tutorials are mostly follow-along exercises, with each file showing a set of movements, followed by the next file, etc., thus, the reason why I need the subsequent files to continue playing, instead of going back to menu, once a particular movement has completed. And there are many different sets of movements in each dvd, so I may not always begin from the start of the dvd. If I start playing from later file, like 4th or 5th file, upon completion, it will always go back to start. The “Play All” button works, but it always play from the start of the dvd. Haven’t tried the “Force Play All button” as I was not sure what it meant.

DVD Flick can take max 50 files in one menu. I was actually testing AVStoDVD to see the max nos files that it can take. If 16 is the max, that would explain why some of my conversions turned out funny.

As to the capacity of output, I would take it that it is the same as the input, so I have to calculate beforehand my actual input to make sure it fits the dvd capacity? Whereas, DVD Flick can take any size of input, and it will compress via reduced bitrate to fit the output dvd.

If you put a check mark in the “Force Play All” box, this will make the videos play in succession. So, you hit the Play All button, and the videos will play one after another.

But I don’t think you can select a video independently of the Play All button and have it continue to the next one. If you select, say, the third video from the menu, when it finishes, it won’t move on to the fourth, but will instead go back to the main menu.

16 is the maximum number of titles you can have on any one menu screen within AVStoDVD. If you have more than one menu screen generated within AVStoDVD, you should be able to select more titles. Maximum number of titles according to the DVD specifications is 99, but I do not know if AVStoDVD has a maximum number of titles it can support.

AVStoDVD will compress your videos to fit your target, but if you try to add too much video in length of time, it will balk, and tell you that your DVD output will be oversized. It has a minimum amount of bitrate that it will assign in order to guarantee good visual quality. I’ve already stated the general guidelines for amount of video (in time) that you should have in your DVD’s, and if you keep to those fairly loose parameters, your DVD-video should be processed successfully in AVStoDVD. It is possible to set lower minimum bitrates, but quality will suffer.

I’m going to agree with Kerry & repeat some of what he posted.
The time length is what you want to use ase your guide for the amount of videos to be on a DVD. The reason is quality. Even with the type videos you are using I’m sure you want a certain level of quality.
There is a workaround to get more on AVStoDVD.
Kerry already posted one “lowering the bit rates”.
Another would be to do a “direct stream copy” full size .
Then use DVDRebuilder to compress that.
I’m sure the result will have a lower bit rate .
It’s just that DVDRebuilder will select the bitrate for you & may adjust it as it compresses. So the quality may be some better than if you select a “fixed” one in AVStoDVD. Both use the same encoder HCEnc.

I haven’t done a test but since you have there probably isn’t an easy fix for the return to start from a title selected later in the menu.
There is a software called PGCEdit .It might be able to fix this.
There is however a steep learning curve with doing something like this with it.
I’ve only used it a small amount so I’m barely past novice with using it.

BTW It’s interesting you got DVDFlick to accept 50 titles .
I tried adding more files to the 48 with files that had processed without error when they were in the 48 or lower conversion. This way I knew it wasn’t a corrupt file causing the error. For me DVDFlick always errored if I went above 48.

Thanks Kerry & Cholla. Appreciate your patience and taking the time to reply in great detail.

@ henrybulldog ,
This is not a perfect solution but may be acceptable.

MrC AVStoDVD Author
AVStoDVD does not have so far the capability to create multiple titles VTS. Probably in the future
workaround:if you create DVD menu with multiple pages, each Play All button is referring to its page. It will play the titles within that page. No really need to do a tons of skip-forwards. Just few per page.

Just use the Menu Wizard & change the number of titles per menu page to 4 or 6. You end up with a lot of pages & you will have to click through those till you get to the one you want. Then since the videos are short fast forward or “skip” should get you where you want fairly fast.

In my DVD there are 28 titles. I chose that because it was approxamately .5GB over 4.35GB.
I did this to see if AVStoDVD would compress to SL as expected. It did.
If you select DVD-9 first you can tell how much you are going over the SL size
Then just change to DVD-5.

Using PGCEdit I managed to get a menu working close to how you want it.
It works as below on VLC player , MPC-HC player, & my LG standalone DVD player.
The first menu screen displays. Once you select the first or any title it will continue to play till the end
If you want to start from another menu page you just use the arrows to get to it .
Then select any title. The very last title will return to the first menu when finished.
The Disc menu button returns to the first menu. The Title menu button returns to the menu page the title playing is on.
I also tested this DVD in m standalone Magnavox DVD player/recorder (which is actually Funai inside) with some different results.
It returns to the menu page the selected title is played from when the last title of that menu plays .
The reason I tested on both players is I have seen different results form a modified menu before.
So I can’t say for sure how this will work with a standalone DVD player you have.

It took a while to figure out what to do but after that it is actually fairly simple but repetitive.
In the image below Right click & delete the Highlighted line.
You need to do this for each VTST in the list except the very last one leave it as it is.
Then save the DVD & close PGCEdit.
I burned it to a DVD +RW for testing.

@ Kerry56 , Do you know the link to make a suggestion to MrC AVStoDVD Author over at the forum ?

I would like to suggest that this ability be added to AVStoDVD.
Like it is in DVDFlick “After a title has finished” “Play the next title” is a drop down option .
It could be a check box in AVStoDVD or drop down in AVStoDVD . How ever MrC wanted to do this.
I or others could use DVDFlick but it is a lot more buggy .
Also particular about input files . As well as not using HCEnc.

MrC checks the AVStoDVD support thread regularly. This is the best way to contact him:

Thanks Kerry , I posted my suggestion there.

This is MrC AVStoDVD Author’s answer:

Unfortunately it is not possible: BatchMux (the MuxMan wrapper used to perform DVD authoring) does not support that feature.

So I guess PGCEdit is the best solution.
I think it worked well enough. Since the menu works correctly in PGCEdit after the changes . It would be hard to know what to modify to get it to work exactly like a specific model of standalone DVD player wants it.

I think the limitations with BatchMux are due to the fact that MuxMan has both free and commercial versions, and anything that would have to be done by the commercial version is left out. AVStoDVD is built on the work of a lot of other programmers, and you have to be aware of those authors’ rights. So even if MrC could modify BatchMux, he won’t.

As far as this particular issue, I have other authoring programs I would use instead, rather than work with PGCEdit.

[QUOTE=Kerry56;2729584]As far as this particular issue, I have other authoring programs I would use instead, rather than work with PGCEdit.[/QUOTE]
Would they alter or create a new menu without further encoding or transcoding ?

Or would you just be starting the process again from scratch with the several clips ?

For my test DVD I used a bunch of YouTube.flvs I already had.
This was just convenient.

How about a list of the programs you would use instead.

Also would the encoding be as good as HCEnc or would they use HCEnc ?

Would they be freeware or payware?

I would convert whatever I was starting with to DVD-video compliant elementary streams. Then import into DVDLab Pro.

So, it would be easy to convert to the streams in AVStoDVD, then build the menu in DVDLab Pro. Lab Pro is a pure authoring program, not a converter, and is still unreasonably expensive. Development seems to have stalled out too, since DVD-video is becoming a less important format.

A free alternative would be something like GUIforDVDAuthor, but it is not my favorite program, and is just as hard to learn as PGCEdit.

I thought I remembered you posting you have DVDLab Pro before.
Like you posted it is expensive. I don’t have it or plan to . So I don’t know how its’ menu making capabilities are but I’m sure they’re good.

I’ve played with GUIforDVDAuthor quite a while ago. I don’t have it installed anymore but I think I have a copy of the installer somewhere. It did seem complicated.

I worked on another project with PGCEdit & learned a little about using it.

I also took a look at the BatchMux.exe in the MuxMan folder in AVStoDVD. I would need to study it much longer to tell if it might be able to do what I did with PGCEdit.
I say that because it seems to use PGCEdit or maybe script for PGCEdit. I’m not sure at this point.
Here are a couple of lines from the help in the command window.
// -[SEGi]hlmnu[_j] menu_file; in PgcEdit mnu format; all mnu items may be
// overridden by other hl arguments (see below), if present
// -[SEGi]hlcsm[_j] color_scheme_file; in PgcEdit csm format
// -[SEGi]but{k}g{l}[_j] button_file; in PgcEdit gbv format, where {k} is the
// button ID and {l} is the group ID --> {k} == 1 … 36 and {l} == 1, 2, 3

@ henrybulldog , Don’t let the tech discussion scare you off . I honestly think what I did with PGCEdit is fairly easy . Just make a backup copy of the AVStoDVD video you made & try . If your standalone DVD player works like either of mine the result will be a lot closer to what you want.

All these tech-talk definitely way beyond my league. I anticipate a steep learning curve in using PGCEdit. Will try to source for some tutorial on this.

BTW, can AVStoDVD change the aspect ratio of the video during conversion? Some of the youtube videos that I downloaded are in the 4:3 ratio even though the original is 16:9. I know AnyVideoConverter can change the aspect ratio, but the resultant video has a lower resolution.

Be happy to help if I can .

On the ratio . You can change it in AVStoDVD . I won’t say it always works. The stats will show 16:9 in MediaInfo but it may still look like 4:3.