Video to DVD conversion problem

Hi found this forum via google whilst seeking a solution.Its driving me nuts.

I want to record NTSC vhs to DVD via Panasonic DVD recorder-region free.When hooked up from video to dvdr the picture drags and has a black bar along bottom.When video player is connected direct to TV there is no problem.Picture is normal.

I recently “hacked” my Panasonic to region free as I assumed that was problem.But now its region free.

Im baffled.Any help.:frowning:

The tapes are Tv recorded.

Hacking is illegal. We will not support you in this post on our forum.

Well thanks for your help.Of course you have never done anything illegal have you.

I’ll get my answers elsewhere screw you.:a.

IMO, every forum has its own rules and if someone doesn’t support Illegal things then one should not force them for that.

We all must take care with our choice of words when talking about things in the grey area of illegal and legal. Yet we do not insult other members.

:cop: CCR