Video to DVD audio problems

The problem I have is when i try to join a whole lot of video clips together to be put onto a DVD.
First step is capture from VCR onto the harddrive in DVD compatable format. I use Winfast PVR programto dothis. This works fine and audio is in sync.

Next I use Ulead Videostudio 6 to put all my clips in order, about 30 clips adding upto approx 3.9 Gb.
I run the create Dvd function and all burns properly but the audio goesout of sync for the last 50 mins of the DVD, and on the file onthe hardics the program creates of the finished movie.

I am not editing the video clips inanyway as i capture them closeenough to what i want, all i am doing is putting them in order.

Win2000, Geforxe FX5600, 80gig H/D with 35 Gig partitioned as NTFS for movie use, 512Mb ram, athlon XP2000 chip.

Does anybodyhave any suggestions as to what could be causing the last half of the movie to be out of audio sync, the audio is about 1.5 to 2 secs ahead of the video.


I don’t know anything about winfast at all, and I don’t know much about authoring dvds as I’ve only done 2 and they were music vids.
from my divx days, I know that I’d get syncing problems due to different sample rates. When converting to dvd format, the audio has to be at 48kHz. maybe, just maybe when u did ur first capture, the audio was captured at 44.1 and the resampling is throwing it off. could it be?

I would also use a decent dedicated Authoring program like DVDLab (or TMPGenc DVD Author) to create the VOB file set.

hi got a prob, i recently bought a freeman cd r/rw +/- , and i used roxio dvd ceator 6 software to burn my film duplex witch was already encoded from avi to dvd by winmpg, but the software roxio encodes it again before it burns the film ,problem is after all that i burned it on a dvd 4.7 gig disc and after played it on my home sony dvd cinema player .the film played fine for 30mins then the sound went out off sync ,Can enyone tell me why that is couse every film seems to be doing it

I’m having the same trouble with Roxio 6. Halfway through, the audio starts over from the beginning and plays fine until the end. Everything is set up perfectly. Never had this prob with WINDVD. HELP!!! This sucks.

What’s happened?