Video tape to DVD

I got many tapes here of family parties, weddings etc, and its about time they were ported across to DVD.

What sort of capture card do I need and the best software for the job?
I just want to plug the Video into the capture card, bump the info onto me HD, edit, then burn to DVD.


I think the best capture cards to get are the recent nVidia Geforce Video cards with VIVO. They come with software that works also and makes it so darn easy.

Check here for some more info about different capture cards

software to capture: (a few)

magix video deluxe


as said before a fast nvidia or ati card with vivo will do, but a fast cpu will be needed also. else you could have many frames dropped

(vivo = video in video out)

Have a look at some of the posts by FredThompson on the Doom9 Forum.

He recommends an external USB 1.1/2.0 device produced by ADS Technologies.

Apparently, a lot less video noise and distortion is generated by having an external rather than internal capture device. And the images are much sharper. Creates Mpeg1 and Mpeg2 at full frame 720x480/576 pixels at 25 or 30fps at upto around 9000kbps.

Just ordered mine!