Video Tape to DVD



If a video tape is copyguarded is it possible to transfer it to DVD?



My personal experience is that most TV cards with A/V input capabilities will not impede the copying of videotapes with Macrovision. I’m not aware of any other type of copy protection used on commercial videotape.

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I haven’t had any problems on either of my cards but if you do have problems I think the corect thing to do is use a signal booster/filter similar to this.
It is discussed on this thread


A TBC is what you are probably looking for. I got one from my local electronics store that works great. They call them a video stabilizer where I got mine. Without it I would get wavy scrambled video on copy-protected vcr tapes.


Yea, that is what I linked to. The one I linked to is suposed to be a very good one if I am not mistaken but their are lots of diffrent ones out thier (maybe cheaper than the one I linked to but might not work as well). Personally I don’t have one as I haven’t had a problem with it yet (not that I have done that many tapes yet either). I would wait to buy one to see how well your capture card does without it. Then if you have problems you know what the fix is.


Excellent point. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. A better and cheaper alternative for the Macrovision problem is a third party capture driver for your TV card, such as Dscaler. It provides the same functionality as the Sima device, only in software, and it’s free to boot.

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