Video Stutter Please Help



Video Stutter (On Pc After Convert From Avi To DVD & When Burned) Please Help

hi, so yeah . ive bin downloading some avi’s . have done for over 2 years just, my old pc kinda got ‘OLD’ Should we say and really messed converting,
anyway, i got a new pc.
8GB Ram

but yeah, the problem is when i convert the video is real stuttery, it will either skip/hop or move really slow. , happens on most files, i get a few working

now this is with , convertXtoDVD. Winavi. Nero. TMPGEnc DVD Author 3. ive tryed almost every converter with the same problem, i have the xvid codec, i tryed k lite codec also, its just like what happened with my old pc.

and its like this before i burn , so isnt my media, and its like it when i burn to, i use verbatim and datawrite, burn as slow as they let u,

can someone please please help me

PS . the xvid/divx of the files are all perfect. no stutter, its when i convert to dvd


Pretty much all (99.9999999%+) DVDs you actually buy from a store instead of downloading them illegally are mastered correctly. This will surely solve your problem (except you might actually have to outlay a bit of cash).



[B]@Akenny01:[/B] You have a couple of suggestions in your other thread here:

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