Video Stutter (On Pc After Convert From Avi To DVD & When Burned) Please Help

Video Stutter (On Pc After Convert From Avi To DVD & When Burned) Please Help

hi, so yeah . ive bin downloading some avi’s . have done for over 2 years just, my old pc kinda got ‘OLD’ Should we say and really messed converting,
anyway, i got a new pc.
8GB Ram

but yeah, the problem is when i convert the video is real stuttery, it will either skip/hop or move really slow. , happens on most files, i get a few working

now this is with , convertXtoDVD. Winavi. Nero. TMPGEnc DVD Author 3. ive tryed almost every converter with the same problem, i have the xvid codec, i tryed k lite codec also, its just like what happened with my old pc.

and its like this before i burn , so isnt my media, and its like it when i burn to, i use verbatim and datawrite, burn as slow as they let u,

can someone please please help me

PS . the xvid/divx of the files are all perfect. no stutter, its when i convert to dvd

ConvertXtoDVD is not a bad converter, and TMPGenc is fairly good as well, though slow. Since your problems occur after conversion and before burning, you’ve narrowed it down to the conversion process pretty well.

When I convert, I have one hard drive as the source and another physical drive as the target. This helps with speed of conversion. Is this the setup you are using now?

Do you have any other problems with the computer? Have you defragged the hard drive? Do you run any other applications while converting? Have you checked for malware/virus infection?

Video conversion is cpu intensive. Tell us your current specs on your computer.

There are some other applications to try, but I’m not convinced they are that much better than ConvertX or TMPGenc. FAVC is a pretty good choice, especially if you use the HC encoder that is included.

You might also check the xvid or divx files you are starting with to see their specs. Many seem to use mp3 audio that is variable bitrate encoded. This gives some conversion programs fits, but the usual symptom is video and audio that are out of sync, not stuttering video. Look at the files using MediaInfo to see their bitrate, framerate, and codecs used.


im converting to PAL

and kerry56 do u have any im like msn that i could speak to you quicker

Try FAVC, as suggested. Use HCEnc and let it take its time.

You say you are converting to PAL, but what are the original files? If they are NTSC at 29.97 f/s and converted to PAL, they will be jerky as hell !

Use GSPOT to find out what fps the original files have.