Video streaming problem

i have a problem with windows media player.
every time i want to stream video from the net, i get a mix of colors on it. i can hear the sound and see the general contours of the objects in the video but all the colors are garbled all over the screen.

i have no idea how this started or how to fix it.

any advice?


Upgrade/install any video card drivers recently?
Any new codec packs/ video player programs installed?

Windows Update?

no changes to my system at all

My guess it something with your video card (as Debro thinks). That’s usually the problem with what you’ve said.

BUT, try streaming in another media player or something and see if it still does the same thing. Is this only with streaming .ASX or .ASF (for example) or is it with everything that streams (.MPG, .AVI, etc.)

only windows media player gives me this problem.

Try reinstalling, a different version (older/newer), or using something else as your default :slight_smile: