Video stops on pause

I’ve tried WMP, BS Player, and Moopeg and they all have the same problem. When I try to unpause the movie, the sound will continue but the video will stop. I’ve only tried with one DVD so far which was a DVD9 DVDShrink’ed to a DVD5. I will try with another movie but I was wondering if someone else had this problem.

I tried RATting the DVD using the default quality setting (95) and moving the slider up to 150. I have a p4 2.8ghz 1gb pc2100 on winXPpro, on a VAIO pcg-grp170 notebook. The only video codecs I install come with the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack, which also has the BS Player that I used.

I will try a different DVD and see if it’s just that one that had the problem. I will also try a non-shrunken DVD9 to see if it works. But if the meantime, please comments.

I would also take the time to say that I am very impressed with ratDVD. Ratting a DVD at 150 quality wasn’t too impressive; my 3.9gb DVD went down to 2.9gb. but at 95 the DVD went down to not-so-whopping 700mb!! I am shocked. When i ratted the 150, i thought that there would be no way to make a DVD under 2 gigs, but if a DVD5 can be compressed to 700mb then it seems logical that a DVD9 would go down to around 1400mb at the default settings.